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These release notes include the following sections:


Improved JNLP URL Support In Application Manager

JNLP URLs are now directly openable from the JAWS Application Manager and can be bookmarked. Moreover, they may be .html or .jnlp files. (This is RFE 4531885.)

Dynamic Download of HTTPS Certificates

Java Web Start now dynamically imports certificates in much the same way as browsers do, making use of https much easier for users. (This is RFE 4696477.) For more information, see Dynamic Download of HTTPS Certificates in the Java Web Start 1.4.2 Developer Guide.

Automatic Detection of JREs

Every time JAWS is run, it automatically detects all "registered" JREs on the computer.

There are two types of JREs recognized by JAWS: registered and unregistered. A registered JRE is one that is recorded in the system or package registry, i.e., the system registry on Windows, the package database on Solaris, and the RPM database on Linux. An unregistered JRE is not recorded in a registry; e.g., a JRE mounted on a network drive in an unregistered JRE. (This is RFE 4474876.)

Combined Control Panel Infrastructure

There is now a combined control panel infrastructure used for the Java deployment products, including Java Plug-in and Java Web Start. If you have taken advantage of knowing certain undocumented information, such as the Java Web Start cache location or the configuration file format and location, you could be affected. (This is RFE 4723794.)

Security Audit of Java Web Start

A security audit of Java Web Start has been completed. (This is RFE 4645808.)

First-Time Prompt for Shortcut

Users are now asked if they want a desktop shorcut the first time an application is downloaded and cached. (This is RFE 4737538.)

Integration with InstallShield 7

Java Web Start is now installed via InstallShield 7 as part of the JRE. There is no longer a separate installer for Java Web Start. (This is RFE 4718282.)

Bug Fixes

Bug ID Synopsis
4791532 Dialogs are layed out wrong in javawebstart
4778185 JNLPClassLoader can still return unencoded URL
4780676 Java Web Start sometimes fails to launch applications while offline
4757170 Typo in Jaws Pop-up window <Rename HTML Entry> "You must enter and entry name"
4777238 Cache Location JTextField should handle enter properly
4685501 De - Word "Console" is not translated in the titlebar of jaws Console dialog
4688776 JaWS, JAWS 1.2 b08, Translation errors
4785128 Exception coming if you use mantis-beta jaws with jre1.2.2 on Windows
4772298 Proxy authentication dialog pops up twice even if username/password is correct
4772381 System.exit not working with shutdownhook and JWS console
4784292 Java Web Start should use cached jnlp file if possible to improve startup time
4782008 Review webstart ActiveX control
4782000 Need to update webstart autoinstall version tags
4785581 JAWS on linux cannot be invoked via symbolic link
4789162 JAWS on solaris/sparc cannot be invoked via symbolic link
4792033 Need javaws link in /usr/bin on Solaris
4792949 autoupdate of javaws file is not getting staged in RE area
4791695 Help Menu Item, "Check For Update" doesn't notify of the latest 1.2 JWS version
4735750 Fix Certificate-chain Validation
4711515 Wrong AppContext used in RMI threads
4757168 Jaws application not properly cached if PATH to the application contains letter N
4759001 Exception coming (getText()),when trying to Clear Folder with the Downloaded vie
4759005 Exception coming (synchron),when trying to Clear Folder with the Downloaded vie
4665132 Webstart not returning ContextClassLoader consistently under jre 1.4.0
4696315 Splash screen is not showing with large image
4699299 Splash Screen is wierd on Linux machine
4734410 JAVAWS is passing the property set in extension installer to main program
4739089 Java Web Wtart does not handle signed jars correctly
4743169 Root Certificates panel in Java WS app mgr is blank if cacerts is missing
4754648 Advanced Preference Panel miss a key shortcut
4754763 getResourceAsStream() fails with JNLPClassLoader
4772558 Implement new Icons from UE group.
4772559 Reduce access scope (phase II)
4772563 New default splash screen, and modified customized ones
4772926 Extra ; char on the window title
4773110 Apps are run with the wrong JRE
4775373 Problem checking for updates on https codebase
4379831 Please launch new VM for -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true
4474875 Incremental updates fail if going from basic proto to version based.
4485537 'Read -1 of 2k (0%)' message still displayed in DL window
4653074 JWS: Update Shortcuts and programs folder when app name changed in jnlp file.
4666303 Cannot delete cache directory structure in Application Manager


Jaws App_mgr did not prompt shortcut options on the second launch with j2re1.2.2
4688193 Reduce access scope
4691541 JWS should handle the version control of splash screen icons
4708051 Exception coming when you try to "Clear Folder" with View/Download_App enabled
4718813 Application Manager lost focus after first startup
4729230 Loging to "TEMP" file does not work
4761563 Can't set property to "" in jnlp file
4625826 Unexpected exit when lazy-loading unsigned jar file
4775823 Unnecessary . (dot) in Appman Shortcuts tab after "When to Create" instruction.
4685497 De - Overlapping text in the certificates tab
4723717 JRE1.4.0_x - JaWS component cannot be installed in non-default location.
4777764 Cancelling import certificate will cause ca chain completely broken
4694453 Customize splash screen would not work if no href
4720897 Jar Diff'ing does not work if jars are packaged in a war file.
4724977 The application panel size it too small to show the string.
4726525 Certificate detail panel should have focus on OK button
4751780 JWS Hanging on Jar update (Scanning entries at 100% for a LONG time)
4759104 Clear cache function could not remove certificate
4759298 "details" button not showing on app_mgr root certicates tab
4480656 View Source in IE won't work after creating shortcut for Notepad Demo
4498419 WebStart won't start if the default browser is deinstalled
4623207 jaxp.jar
4626733 Multi-platform support
4653036 JarDiffHandler() should use javax.servlet.context.
4654173 JWS litters $WINUSERHOME\Local Settings\Temp and d:\TMP
4667701 JWS should give the name of the resource that fails
4668473 Cannot create shortcut if title is too long
4676386 Better user-agent value in http request header
4685505 De - Broken border around " Choose Log File Name"
4687857 Focus is back to wrong window after closing dialog
4699771 JWS login prompt for secure resources is not robust.
4744945 JWS 1.2 application cannot delete after upgrade
4775777 "Invalid Cache Location" window incorrect behavior
4492987 Java Web Start Installation documentation for Linux
4768914 Javaws unsigned extension installer can call setJREInfo
4773602 Auto proxy detection is failing when using Netscape 4.79 and 7.0
4777392 Mantis b06:file type description for jnlp is not set to NS/IE on Win98 ja
4665251 Preferences: Shortcut Options: When To Create := "Always" fails (always:)
4692415 Jaws application freezing if you launching it as a root, through browser on Sol
4723790 Web start install should use pack instead of crunch
4739415 Jaws j2re1.4.0 installer problem
4772158 Make web start part of J2RE image on Unix platform
4776098 Javaws JRE autodownload not working
4431364 JRE should always be installed
4459559 J2SE Installer can't finish the work if Installed
4463745 WebStart can't handle Netscape automatic proxy configuration
4469455 Proxy autoconfig script parsing has problems
4514686 Installer can't handle adding >100th mime type to Netscape on Windows
4615288 Build fails under Windows due to install directory not existing
4653566 JWS is not compatible with the centralization of home directories under NT
4685474 Message on Japanese Installer/Uninstaller does not fall within a view area
4730185 javaws.cfg file in $USERPROFILE is not uninstalled
4763779 Need to check javaws bootdir during control build
4764601 Unsigned extension installer throws exception when Main.systemExit is called
4765164 Singleton api service classes can be re-initialized
4765165 com.sun.jnlp package needs to be protected from package addition
4775492 Javaws app with no href in JNLP causing nonfatal exception on netscape/unix
4768903 Javaws dev target doesn't work during dev build
4741507 Missing signed entry JNLPException is not explicit


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