Java Web Start 1.4.2 Developer Guide

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Java Web Start Technology
Where to Find Java Web Start Technology
Desktop and Server Requirements

Setting up the Web Site

Basic Steps

Creating the Web Page That Launches the Application

Detecting if Java Web Start is installed on Netscape
Detecting if Java Web Start is installed on IE, and if so, the version number
Launching the application if Java Web Start is Installed—or providing a link for auto-install or general download page
Creating an auto-install page

Application Development Considerations

Retrieving Resources from JAR files
Security and Code Signing
Signing JAR Files with a Test Certificate
How to Encode JNLP Files
Dynamic Download of HTTPS Certificates

Packaging an Application for Easy Deployment

JNLP File Syntax

The jnlp Element
The security Element
The resources Element
The application-desc Element
The applet-desc Element

JNLP API Examples

Using a BasicService Service
Using a ClipboardService Service
Using a DownloadService Service
Using a FileOpenService Service
Using a FileSaveService Service
Using a PrintService Service
Using a PersistenceService Service
Using FileContents
Using a JNLPRandomAccessFile


Converting JNLP Files to Work With This Release
JNLP API (JavaDoc)