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The documents in the section describe enhancements made in version 1.1 of the JavaTM platform. For AWT changes made in the current version of the platform, see

AWT Enhancements

The AWT was modified in version 1.1 of the JavaTMDevelopment Kit to provide major quality improvements while introducing the beginnings of a richer infrastructure for larger-scale GUI development. Although changes and enhancements to the overall API were made, compatibility was maintained with the 1.0 API so that existing applets could continue to run.

A number of the 1.1 AWT changes and enhancements are aimed at the needs of tool developers. Good software tools are fundamental to the usability and success of Java technology. Additionally, the AWT since 1.1 supports the JavaBeans architecture. In fact, all AWT components in 1.1 are "simple" Java Beans.

The following documents summarize the API changes in the AWT API made in version 1.1: